Parow Golf Club

Parow Golf Club

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Golf Course Information

One of the best-kept secrets of Cape Town as far as accessibility and general playing friendliness is concerned. Parow is a flatland (park-like) course and has an abundance of bird-life due to the massive dam in the center of the course. Peacocks, plovers (Club emblem), guinea fowl, hadidas, Egyptian geese, mallards, teal, grouse, pheasant, numerous smaller species, stork, ibis and even some pelicans abound. This is indeed a friendly, forgiving course with numerous water hazards and a prevailing southeaster wind driving away the City smog and the heat in summer. The best days, however, are found during June and July (beginning of winter), when the balmy wind-free and sunny days can only be described as Indian summer, and the first winter rains rejuvenate the course. Pure magic!

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